Monday, 23 September 2013

Widdicombe & Walsh

Last week at work I was lucky enough to work a shift for two amazing comedians - Josh Widdicombe and Seann Walsh. They were both touring their set ready for their DVD recording at the Hammersmith Apollo, London in the coming week. I honestly cried laughing, they were both simply hilarious! After finishing my shift, I was lucky enough to grab them both for a quick picture before they raced off to catch their train back to London. Two very lovely, side-splittingly funny guys


Monday, 2 September 2013

Song Of The Month | August

August had been a big month for albums and so it's just a song of the month from me as I've been listening to so many different albums over the past month, it was just impossible to pick a single favourite!

Song Of The Month

You know that feeling that the radio is singing your thoughts? That's exactly what happened with this song. I was sat in a train station car park in Penzance while on holiday in Cornwall last month watching the sea in the distance and generally thinking about a couple of things when Huw Stephens of BBC Radio 1 introduced this song. It was Hollow Home Rd by Brolly. I had never heard of the band prior to this, nor had I heard the song - I believe it to be their first major radio play - But wow did this song speak out to me. Brolly are a very under the radar band and stem from a childhood friendship. Together they have created a stunning track and right from the first couple of guitar notes it had me tuned in. Harmonious vocals of the bands lead vocalist Jake Ithurburn sing over the simple notes promoting his creative and inspiring lyrics. It's a song that you can get deeply emotionally attached to. So if you're ever feeling down about anything, if you're having a few struggles or just generally feel like listening to a relaxing song, give Hollow Home Rd a listen and I guarantee you'll fall in love with it. It's been my go to song throughout the past month when in these types of situations which it's why it's worthy of the title as my song of the month. Click HERE to take a listen!


Monday, 12 August 2013

Face Of The Day (FOTD)

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you've all had a brilliant weekend and that the week doesn't treat you too badly.  I'm currently on holiday in Cornwall and so today, I thought I'd share with you my FOTD, this is an extended version of what a normally wear on a daily basis, as I sometimes wear a little less than this. All of these product can be found online or in UK Drugstores. Each product (except for two) have links allowing you to go straight to the website where you can purchase the product from and I've also put the shade of product I use in brackets. I have slightly tanned skin at the moment due to catching some rays and these shades work perfectly for me, so you can have some sort of comparison. So here we go!

Prior to applying my make-up I cleanse and moisturise my skin, then I get straight into it applying products in this order...

1. Boots 17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer - This is the first primer I have ever tried and tested and I really like it. It makes your skin feel silky smooth and although it's a small tube, it has honestly lasted me a good 3 to 4 months, it's a wonder product! 

2. Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser (Fair) - Due to having freckles, this is the best product I can find for my skin. Foundation, even of the lightest of coverage,  is just to heavy for me and makes my skin look awful. But his product leaves my skin feeling smooth and looking natural, whilst covering all imperfections. And all at a very affordable price!

3. MUA Eyeshadow Pallet Heaven & Earth - This is a brilliant little eyeshadow pallet and it's small enough to fit into make-up bags and handbags. I love natural eyeshadow colours and with a mixture or matt and shimmers, it's perfect to create any kind of look. I tend to use the second colour in on the top row (from the right) as an overall base and then the fifth colour in on the top row (from the right) in my outer corners. 

4. Soap and Glory Thick & Fast Mascara (Black) - On the top lashes I use this mascara and it gives you lovely long and full lashes without them clumping together. It's really easy to apply and remove and very good for it's price. I also love the packaging!

5. Natural Collection WaterGuard Mascara (Black) - Along the bottom lashes I use this product, purely because I find it a little bit easier to use on the lower lashes than the Soap and Glory Mascara. I'll very often use this mascara on the top lashes when I'm having a more relaxed day. 

6. Barry M Kohl Eye Pencil (Black) - I love this eyeliner, it goes perfectly on the top waterline to make your lashes appear even longer and more defined. I also apply it to my bottom waterline, however I do find that sometimes it does smudge a little, but that's nothing a little concealer can't fix! 

7. Natural Collection Liquid Eye Liner (Black) - This isn't a product I always wear, but I thought I should include it. I'm not too great when it comes to top eye liner, as I've said in my Liebster Award post, but when I do wear it, I want it to look good and last long. And this product does the trick, it doesn't smudge at all and thanks to the tiny little brush, application isn't too difficult either! However, it does take a few strokes to create a thicker line (it really is that small!)

8. Collection 200 Lasting Perfection Concealer (Light) - After finishing my eyes, I apply this concealer and just like any beauty blogger will tell you, this is the best concealer out there! It covers blemishes and dark circles instantly, is really easy to apply with the dough-foot applicator and for the price, it's fantastic, defiantly worth a purchase if you don't own it already.

9. Smoky Eyeshadows by H&M - The forth colour in from the left on this palette is a matt brown. I use this colour to fill in my eyebrows to give them more definition.The colour is probably a little too dark for me, but I like the effect it gives on my brows. There are also four shimmers within this palette which look great as either a flat colour or used with other nude/brown matt eyeshadows to create a beautiful smoky eye.

10. Natural Collection Pressed Powder (Warm) - Another Natural Collection product that does it's job perfectly. It reduces shine and leaves my skin looking great. And as for the price, well, you can't go wrong really can you?!

11. Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks (Rosey Glow) - This colour is beautiful and gives your cheeks a nice pink glow that looks natural rather than too heavy. The packaging is great on this product too, it's nice and small meaning it can fit into even the tiniest of bags for a touch ups and the product is long lasting too!

12. Collection 2000 Volume Sensation Lipstick ( 13 - Satin Bow) - Strong powerful lipsticks, like bright pinks, oranges and reds just don't suit me. So when I wear a lipstick, it has to be a nude colour and this is perfect. I'd describe the colour as a pale pink and it feels more like a lip butter than a lipstick when applied but looks beautiful on.

13. Natural Collection Tinted Lip Balm (Lychee Twist) - This is another great product from Natural Collection, I either wear it on top of the Collection 2000 Lipstick or on its own. It's a brilliant consistency and doesn't leave your lips looking or feeling too sticky. It's a very light nude and comes out the tube ear, but does give your lips a nice tint along with a moistuisting feel.

And that's it, my FOTD! I hope you enjoyed this post and found it interesting. What are your most favored products? If you have any products that you'd like recommend, please leave a comment below as I'd love to try our some new things!